2016 steps into integrity for transmedia progress

It was intense and useful, and it does leave a good track of progress.
This post is in the “Transmedia Diaries” category of my writing. The “professional” and the “personal” have been intertwined for way too long, and what happened in 2015 was pretty rich, on both sides, personally and professionally, in France and in the USA. Let’s share some aspects of it.
The #ParisAttack happened just after I have arrived on 84th street, Manhattan, New York City, where I lived as a foreign student. 25 years later, going back to a beloved place and beloved people, I’m getting so much compassion from the New Yorkers about the emergency state in France! But, let’s be clear, call it the “World Wide War”. I also got attention from my peers as I was participating to the 1st “French American Digital Lab // Connecting Cultures” (*) organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, among the 10 French startups selected. Here is the Press Release.

#Gratitude to all speakers and organizers!

The main targets were the #Museums, but I personally did so much more than experiencing the Transmedia Ready concept in the American culture. It’s a long “Yellow Bricks Road” to arrive in Manhattan bridging NYC and my other home towns. A teenager dream is being realized with my heart and the “Network of Networks”. I celebrate the closing of 2015 and the 1st half a century of my life. Stepping in 2016, in #Progress with #HumanValues and new tags such as #Love4Peace, #Web50 and #SlowRev, for the “Slow Revolution” of the “New Renaissance”.
This time New York gave me opportunities to meet with organisations I can partner with.
Welcome @foossa_com, @NYMediaCenter, @FracturedAtlas, the MET Media Lab with @macascos & @sree, @MartinRogard at Dailymotion, @Franceinnyc, @AprilArrg, @datvized and @Caitlin_Burns, and all the beautiful cultural startups of the “Digital Lab”. On the personal level it gave me the opportunity to manifest the assets I had gather over the years between New York, Paris, Brussels, Cannes and now Sophia Antipolis. It was – it is – making sense!
Poking peer @Wuxia for the philosophy of Making Sense with transmedia storytelling.
When something is making sense you can actually feel it with your guts, it is what I call the “Feel-Effect“. It works with creation and with business, and works well for all kind of communication, especially storytelling.
Poking peer Michael Margolis @GetStoried.
The synchronistic integration of so much preparation is now happening, now comes the time, now is the need, now are the societies ready and connected. Now is “Convergence Culture” (check with @HenryJenkins). We have seen the potential with bad, and some good, examples. I let you picture the events we have been going through since January Charlie, thanks to social media for the good and the bad, we learn. Not to mention the personal events for each of us, we grow. We are all humans, even with chips, wi-fi, devices and bots. Even with Jedi costumes.
The society is in need for better communication, better relations, better practices and more integrity. We are lacking philosophy. And again, I recall the vision of Marshall McLuhan, and no, he is not obsolete. We need facilitation and mediation. We need quality curation in a world overloaded with content and knowledge. We need a better management for knowledge and transmission.
We actually need trans-mission in a trans-disciplinary world.
But what else in the Transmedia Ready Renaissance?
After processing several proofs of concept for the “7 Transmedia Families” coaching tool and card game (the prototype is here on PINTEREST), I took the non profit organisation to a new level and beginning. Moving back to the French Riviera, putting in place new partnerships, starting concrete projects to implement my methodology, reaching the scope of the universe I was planning, including praxis and research, opening to new talent, fairies and alchimists. Sophia Antipolis, near Antibes, France, is a “Valley” where we can have it all in terms of technology, research, cross culture and creativity. We work in English, we are 20mn away from Nice international airport, and it is 15mn away from Cannes (another home town of mine…). Every day we work and skype in between the Med sea and the Alps.
I have a pretty political viewpoint for co-creation. Therefore I have targeted pretty large communities and sociological topics. The more difficulties, the more you need the peers. The bigger the budget, the better is the work and the more important the relationship with the stake holders. It works like in the business of films, which is where I was trained. Please understand that some details cannot be shared here for strategic reasons, but here are some clues.
Transmedia is still socio-cultural. I found out that being a pioneer is hard and painful. I had many losses, betrayals, besides some success and surprises. What cannot be accomplished because of the lack of understanding, coherence, trust and finance, needs time to get everyone prepared for the move, the change, the synchronicity. The move has come. It is smooth. People do get transmedia ready, slowly, and parasites disappear, vampires get tired and toxic practices and people get discovered. Most of them have finished spending the citizens money with none or poor results.
Transmedia is a trans-disciplinary approach and concept related to the Participatory Culture, therefore there is a political bond to it. Therefore, it can only succeed in “trans-parency”. Transmedia understanding is related to what the societies are going through in terms of changes and usages. It is not entertainment, or gaming, or marketing, or technology, it is all of the above, BUT more. It is a communicational mode and behaviour. It is a phenomenon, as mentor and transmedia alchimist Brian Clark would put it. (Please support the Immersive Storytelling Fund here > www.Filmlinc.org/Brian-Clark-Fund/)
After 5 years of advocacy for transmedia as a transdisciplinary art form, we can now get into the motion of transmedia practice that is more socio-cultural, community focused, carrying out integrity and transparency, less critiqued, maybe, or totally artistic and/or political. In order to accomplish a transmedia campaign or creation, one needs the other one, one cannot be a transmedia creator on his own, it can only work if talent is associated to talent. There is a great need for mediation, and facilitation. More of this thinking is elaborated in the coming guidelines for the “7 Transmedia Families”, in the meantime you can join the open group here > Facebook.com/groups/TransmediaReady02
Because you need to be in a “transient group” in order to reach a 21st century audience!
  • Woodstock 5.0 ” is a project based on a documentary film I made for the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, in 1994 (#Love4Peace). The term “5.0″ (five dot zero) is conceptualized from a vision and understanding of what could be the “Web 5.0″, including “data storytelling” and transmedia design. For this project I work with fairy Mylène Leitzelman, co-founder of @mnemotix (en français > http://mnemotix.com). In order to experiment this new form of global and eco-communication, I play the real life game of the “7 Transmedia Families” with my international Directory, started in the early 90′s, and I use the “Network Of Networks” to bring together the energy that needs to be in place for bigger projects. My role is the one of the facilitator, the conductor, the producer, and the artistic director, all of these in one “character”, a “role” (or a “card” as in the 7 Transmedia Families game). We enhance the talent of the creative partners that will make it happen, it works like in a family.
  • This year we launch the new version of the “7 Transmedia Families” card game, and real life game. You do not have to be a professional creative to participate, you can just give your point of view, or support the game, by buying the cards, and their ebook, and use them in any way you want, or posting online. There are real plain and traditional guidelines, but they should be hacked, the real guidelines are the you DIY.
  • During the New York French American “Digital Lab” I was able to meet with the United Nations, thank you to the French Embassy. I had a great experience with the UN in the past and did work with organisations such as the OECD, the European Commission and other governmental agencies and ministries. That experience gave me the strength to envision the potential of an international campaign that would serve the interest of the civil society, in relation with the Media and the Policy Makers. In 2015, the geopolitics made me step forward… #Love4Peace is the global tag. #Progress is my personal tag.

If you are an individual, a project curator, a business in need for transformation, transmedia strategy, or design thinking, you can ask us for a workshop, and project coaching, whatever format you pick among the ones we have created on purpose. If you are a start-up, become a “smart-up”, you can bêta test your tool or service in our “Living Lab” which is the grand child of our Think & Do Tank started in 2010.

All of this is just starting, new ideas and practice will emerge even more. The “Transmedia Living Lab” is both virtual and in real life, based in Sophia Antipolis, linked with New Yok City, and other places of the world. Partners are welcome. Once in a while, we process a “Transmedia Mix“, where a project is incubated with the participation of experts and creatives, and a good deal of facilitation and coaching. Join us in May 2016 in Sophia Antipolis for a short visit and presentation.
#Progress and #Integrity for 2016.
New Renaissance and #Love4Peace for 2019 in Woodstock and online.
  • The crowdfunding campaign for pre-buying your “7 Transmedia Families” card game will be conducted on @Kickstarter. You can pre-registred via > Transmedia Ready E-Letter
  • Follow us @TransmediaReady and ask, ask and ask for anything @ Boosters at transmediaready dot com.
  • (*) The “French-American Digital Lab // Connecting Cultures” is a creative lab and an economic development program for startups and content creators of the cultural sector. The 2015 inaugural theme is narration, aka storytelling, transmedia, digital media, games, journalism & publishing.
  • En français – Presse en ligne : Usine Digitale  Maddyness 



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