We are a THINK & DO TANK, a non profit based in France, founded in 2010 and established in 2013.
Today our core members are:

KARINE HALPERN founder and President of the “Think & Do Tank” @TransmediaReady with the mission to advocate for the concept of transmedia as an art form of itself. She induces creativity at all stages of product development and communication strategy with a transdisciplinary approach. She is certified in Cultural Mediation and holds a Master in Public and Political Communication. She previously worked in the Film and TV industries for 20 years, as well as in the field of International Cooperation with governmental agencies and NGOs for 5 years. She created the card game of the 7 Transmedia Families in order to improve her methodology for transmedia design. TWITTER: @TransmediaReady

MYLENE LEITZELMAN co-founded the French “smartup” MNEMOTIX specialized in web semantics and big data. Mylène is a specialist in Competitive Intelligence & ICT as well as an expert for IT project management. She holds a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of Aix-Marseille and has been a R&D engineer for over 15 years. She manages and supervises relations and animation in research and industry dedicated to the management of R&D projects. She has been advising on issues concerning information science and usages. She worked for French scientific organizations such as ADEME, CNRS, University of Nice and Telecom ParisTech. She is particularly interested in the creation and animation of online communities, users’ co-creation, transfer and update of knowledge to organize the “collective intelligence”. In 2009, she participated to the ISICIL project supported by INRIA, a French research institute, and provided expertise in the analysis of new technologies usages with a focus on semantic technologies in organizations. TWITTER: @Mnemotix

MNEMOTIX logo-medium

EMMANUEL BETHOUX is specialized in Media Literacy and in education in France. Is a professor for “documentation” and works in a high school institute in France. He is involved in education, in private and religious institutions since 1994. He holds a degree in Sciences and Technology with a major in Journalism and Information. The transmedia concept is one of his core topic of research and teaching. He is involved with Transmedia Ready since its inception in 2010. TWITTER: @EmmanuelBethoux

ISABEL CHIARA went through various creative phases such as drawing, painting, sculpture and animation until she finally got to COLLAGE as a key mode of artistic expression. She joined Transmedia Ready to design new products for the transmedia community. She has been exhibited artwork worldwide and online with group exhibitions, festivals and editorial shows. TWITTER: @bethychiara

ROMAIN ROUYER is the founder of the COGLAB, in Paris, France. He is a UX Designer and creative technologist, currently working for Smile Digital part of the European Group Smile, specialized in Open Source and Open Culture. He founded the CogLab after his studies in Cognitive Sciences, specializing in behavioral analysis and human computer interaction. He is also the President of the Fresco: French Federation of Students and young professionals in cognitive sciences. TWITTER: @SCogLab





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