Projects Coaching

Projects Coaching


We provide creative workshops for organizations, corporations, students and professionals. Become transmedia ready, play the game of the 7 transmedia families. Perform your workshop. Customise your workshops with our formats: -  seminar, incentive, projects coaching, bootcamp, mastermind groups, ‘Barcamp’ & hackathon (*) -  “transmedia mix”: using all of these formats! (Sample and proof of concept > ) [...]


The GamePlay Family's Son (7 Transmedia Families)

The card game of the 7 transmedia families is a reading grid for collaborative projects in the digital media field. As well as… a design thinking tool a project coaching tool a serious real life game… Playing the game you can check out the team and project efficiency and vet disciplines that need to be [...]

NIMES devient Transmedia Ready (en français)

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NIMES is getting Transmedia Ready Le Carré d’Art Bibliothèques de la ville de Nîmes nous accueille le jeudi 28 mai 2015 pour une journée consacrée au concept “transmédia” Visionner la présentation ICI (slideshare presentation in French). La création transmédia puise dans les disciplines de la culture, de l’art et de la communication en transformant le [...]


One medium, several media! No, the theories of Marshall McLuhan are far from obsolete. Quite the contrary; it is not too late for the so-called ‘experts’ to revisit McLuhan. Communications in the plural is, after all, a discipline that emerged in the 20th Century, yet one that has not been further deepened. Now is the time [...]


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Root your specificity Propal your uniqueness Nourish your projects Spread your values Love your community A world of experiences in order to communicate #better and #progress with #ethics. Our projects coaching offering includes: creative projects coaching hyperlinks storytelling brand culture facilitation transmedia & social media boosts community building and management strategies (and implementation) All for [...]

Are You @TransmediaReady?

Grand Father in Production of the transmedia Families

Our goal is to help creatives, students and companies to become @TransmediaReady

Social Media Boost (français + a bit of English)

“Boost” en Français : Donnez un “coup de fouet” à votre présence en ligne (site, blogs, réseaux sociaux et ce que nous appellons le Web Social). Il faut qu’il soit adapté à votre personnalité, à votre entreprise, à votre projet professionnel ou artistique. Prenons l’analogie au métier du “relofoking”… (encore un mot qui danse dans [...]

Webisode #10: The 7 Families at the Transmedia Jam


The Transmedia Meetup in San Francisco had his 1st Jam Maya shared this slideshare presentation with us: Alice did some interviews How-to-boost-your-creative-process-with-the-7transmedia-families-game and the one with Mike Transmedia New York City aka Storycode Here are some tips about using the 7 Transmedia Families cards as a creativity booster for creating a transmedia experience. Those [...]


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