Transmedia Events

Transmedia Events

2016 steps into integrity for transmedia progress

TR in juan les pins 2015

It was intense and useful, and it does leave a good track of progress. This post is in the “Transmedia Diaries” category of my writing. The “professional” and the “personal” have been intertwined for way too long, and what happened in 2015 was pretty rich, on both sides, personally and professionally, in France and in [...]



MEET US IN NEW YORK CITY this November 2015

NIMES devient Transmedia Ready (en français)

logo Nimes Carre dart

NIMES is getting Transmedia Ready Le Carré d’Art Bibliothèques de la ville de Nîmes nous accueille le jeudi 28 mai 2015 pour une journée consacrée au concept “transmédia” Visionner la présentation ICI (slideshare presentation in French). La création transmédia puise dans les disciplines de la culture, de l’art et de la communication en transformant le [...]

TransmediaMIX June 2014 Centre Pompidou Paris

iri_bleu_transparent_grand coprod

a Transdisciplinary Hackathon in a Think & Do Tank* UPDATES from 2014 week-end of June 14-15 + debrief on the 18th PARIS, Centre Pompidou / Beaubourg + online world     UPDATES: Press release Teaser from the results of the event Photos from the event ENGLISH here under L’IRI, Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation du Centre Pompidou [...]

Transmedia Meetup & Alliance at SXSW 2013!

South by South West #SXSW Interactive Festival March 8-12, 2013.Speaking to the world’s top technology and media experts. Our Press Release here Our SXSW Transmedia Meetup gathers groups’ founders and organizers of an ever growing international community, and for the 1st time in the official program of the festival. WHEN: Sunday, March 10th from 3:30 to [...]

Webisode #10: The 7 Families at the Transmedia Jam


The Transmedia Meetup in San Francisco had his 1st Jam Maya shared this slideshare presentation with us: Alice did some interviews How-to-boost-your-creative-process-with-the-7transmedia-families-game and the one with Mike Transmedia New York City aka Storycode Here are some tips about using the 7 Transmedia Families cards as a creativity booster for creating a transmedia experience. Those [...]


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