2016 steps into integrity for transmedia progress

TR in juan les pins 2015

It was intense and useful, and it does leave a good track of progress. This post is in the “Transmedia Diaries” category of my writing. The “professional” and the “personal” have been intertwined for way too long, and what happened in 2015 was pretty rich, on both sides, personally and professionally, in France and in [...]


One medium, several media! No, the theories of Marshall McLuhan are far from obsolete. Quite the contrary; it is not too late for the so-called ‘experts’ to revisit McLuhan. Communications in the plural is, after all, a discipline that emerged in the 20th Century, yet one that has not been further deepened. Now is the time [...]


Cards pack

CONTEXTE DE LA DEFINITION Le concept transmédia tend à être une discipline artistique et communicationnelle, une pratique créative et narrative prenant en compte l’interaction et la participation du public, qui se propage, se transforme et se transpose sur des supports médiatiques complémentaires , et dans un récit multidimensionnel. A cette discipline peut s’ajouter toute pratique [...]

Webisode n°11(français) : Dialectique des concepts transmédia et web social

Dialectique des concepts transmédia et web social

Webisode #10: The 7 Families at the Transmedia Jam


The Transmedia Meetup in San Francisco had his 1st Jam http://transmediajam.com Maya shared this slideshare presentation with us: Alice did some interviews How-to-boost-your-creative-process-with-the-7transmedia-families-game and the one with Mike Transmedia New York City aka Storycode Here are some tips about using the 7 Transmedia Families cards as a creativity booster for creating a transmedia experience. Those [...]

Webisode n°9 : in a world of “verse”

Well this is the exact same post than on my personal Blog but I thought that it would be useful to have it here (though Owni is not promoting this blog at all, but that is another story for another blog to come soon… part of the transmedia ready diaries…clues to come…) Henry Jenkins 2012 [...]

Webisode n°7 : Cultural Engineering : en français ;-)

illustration 65

Nous parlons avec des liens comme nous parlons avec des mots.

Webisode n°8: Transmedia as the art of telling stories & #LearningFromEachOther

Transmedia Ready icon V1

Because transmedia creation is happening when different valuable expertise is gathered in one matrix allowing our creative process, we need to meet our peers.

Webisode n°6: Social Media Storytelling A-cross Platforms

TReady homemade 1

Cross media online discussions makes it even more powerful because it works as a proof of concept. Good quality entertainment provides fandom and without the LCR concept the story does not spread. A cross-platforms conversation with KH and Social Steve

“La collision des anciens et nouveaux médias” vue par Henry Jenkins

Convergence Culture Jenkins

Henry Jenkins nous emmène dans la narration transmédia en étudiant les codes de l’Internet, au travers des supports pour des œuvres multidimensionnelles.


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