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  • Propal your uniqueness
  • Nourish your projects
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  • Love your community
A world of experiences in order to communicate #better and #progress with #ethics.
Our projects coaching offering includes:
  • creative projects coaching

  • hyperlinks storytelling

  • brand culture

  • facilitation

  • transmedia & social media boosts

  • community building and management

  • strategies (and implementation)

All for the creatives and the corporate.

Our approach and technique is taking its roots in transdisciplinarity: Transactional Analysis, maieutics, mediation, media content production, participatory culture, hacking and the makers movement, the arts and marketing. The methodology is based on the experience of and the experiments by Karine Halpern (@KHenthusiasm).


The only discipline where it is ok to over-analyze is the Social Web ;-) It is a fun creative process that can save you time and money as it does boost your online presence.

The only way to boost it all is storytelling.

Make sure you over analyze your online presence, or the online strategy for your project, and do not analyze everything, just go with the flow of the web. But! If you are using anyone else quote, or content, you must mention your source! Their name, their web address, a Twitter handle. You MUST BE GRATEFUL, that is the KEY for good practice on the web as it is in life ;-)

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