Webisode n°8: Transmedia as the art of telling stories & #LearningFromEachOther

Let’s address the changes we make in order to be, remain or become transmedia ready.

(J’ai choisis d’écrire en anglais mais j’aime tout autant ma langue maternelle).

Traditional methodologies might not fit the ‘new paradigm’.

Well, methodologies did not just came out of the box of the arts for nothing. They came because human beings needed them in order to create. Pyramids? The Colosseum? We’ll go soon to Rome for the TED X TRANSMEDIA event! Join! Awesome programme.

Mankind is capable of doing great things with methodologies and design thinking. So, now, what do we do?

We witnessed the phenomenon of media convergence. We’ve learned with HENRY JENKINS about ‘Convergence Culture’ and ‘Spreadable Media’. We are still learning from all the great experts who are exploring the worlds of transmedia creation. Great. But we’ve been struggling with community building and meeting with peers to feel like ‘We Can Do It!’. Fine. We’ve looked at the facts and figures of globalization and social innovation as the world is at the turning point of its own survival game. Policy makers consult innovators and friendly hackers. Entertainment is looking for value and quality. So how do we create the right content, for the right audience, at the right moment? Aren’t these the same challenges that we had to face at the emergence of ‘independent cinema’? Isn’t it all related and interconnected? Cinema, a word that sounds old. It is not. Media don’t get old. Only physical things get old. A medium is a channel of communication and we can use it forever.

Aren’t these the same challenges that we face with film production, filmmaking, distribution and marketing? If some have worked so well at giving us methodologies and know-how for making complex narrative structures and complex production processes, it would be logical and quicker to use them as a base for transformation according to our new needs. This is optimization. Transformation does not mean that we have to invent. It is about using what we already have, or already know, and transforming it into something better – better knowledge and better action.

Optimization is the key for challenging the new paradigm in the media world and the world of media. It will also be a matter of going back to the appreciation of multitasking and quality.

Transmedia creation can generate this kind of optimization and transformation in the arts, in the cultural industry, in social innovation, in education and much more. Take a transmedia experience to an institution, a biotech industry, a sporting event. It is already happening.

New methodologies and hybrid processes are going to lead the creators and the professionals of the media world to work in a collaborative way with all other kind of change makers. This vision is much larger than just a transformation in the art of telling stories. We have been telling stories forever; we know how to do it. We even buy by-products – spin-off products, consumer products – which are ancillary objects of the story itself. Someone has made the product for us to buy…There IS a business model.

There is a business model that is an ad-hoc business model for each transmedia creation in its context. So, we need those methodologies and processes. And as there is one ad-hoc business model for each transmedia experience, there is a process and methodology for each as well.

So, we can take what we have – knowledge, tools, experience, creativity, communities – and transform it into an optimized version of a ‘matrix’ for processes and methodologies in order to create new forms of transmedia storytelling. ‘Mediaforms’. Once we have a ‘matrix’, we can play around with our ideas and concepts, and develop an appropriate transmedia method for an ad-hoc transmedia production.

What is the ‘matrix’ ?

It is neither a movie, nor a game or nor a storyworld. The transmedia production matrix is a virtual place as large as the Internet. (It could be called the World Wide Web! Just Kidding!) The matrix is used for design thinking. To enter into it you don’t have to make a choice between two colors (i.e. Matrix, the movie); you simply enter the matrix at any point of entry, online or in real life, with a storyline, using a tool that is open, fluid, simple and extensible, a tool that you can play alone or with others, and you can use this as a pre-text for writing and conceptualizing your transmedia creation. What we want to have is a gate where our creativity is expanded and where we can meet the peers who are going to co-create with us.

Because transmedia production is happening when different valuable expertise is gathered in one matrix allowing our creative process, we need to meet our peers.

That is the reason why I have created a card game, to be used in real life and based on an older game from the 19th century, which I transform into a transmedia experiment. I started at one specific entry point, one version of the card game, and it will continue to evolve into an indefinite creative process meant for learning and improving our projects in a collaborative manner.

This tool, as an idea generator, is good for brainstorming and learning from each other. It can be used at any stage of the transmedia creation. There are many ways of playing this game but the most important characteristic is that it can be transformed again and again. The cards represent your recipe that is going to be applied and appreciated according to many different cultures and tastes. So what will make the difference? The cooking. YOU cook the difference.



We went through media convergence. Now is the time for human convergence. That is the network of networks.


I will be attending the following events and will be happy to meet you there (to play cards?). The past events, TransmediaCamp in Marseille, Transmedia Living Lab in Madrid as well as Cross Video Days in Paris, will be commented soon in the Webisode section. At some events, I moderate, speak, play, support, coach and, learn. Sometimes, I organise or help with the organisation, and I love matchmaking and making plans for the future of ‘mediaforms‘, because my goal is about: #LearningFromEachOther and building the #NetworkOfNetworks..



  • SEPTEMBER 21st // San Sebastian Film Festival

INTERNATIONAL FILM STUDENT MEETING Masterclass & Workshop, coorganised by SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL and TABAKALERA International Contemporary Culture Centre

An exchange of audiovisual experiences and knowledge. The Meeting has the backing of San Sebastian- Capital of Culture 2016 given that it is an obvious exponent of the scenarios and forms of work that this initiative wishes to promote.

More for film students: www.eiecine.ning.com – @eiecine – www.facebook.com/EncuentroInternacionaldeEstudiantesdeCine

  • SEPTEMBER 30th // ROME


Frank Rose author of The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories, will be talking at TedX Transmedia ->www.frankrose.com – His BLOG www.deepmediaonline.com

  • OCTOBER 14th – 15th // MARSEILLE

For its first edition the MARSEILLE WEB FEST , in the South of France, will introduce the concept of transmedia storytelling. We will use both in French & English. All events are FREE, therefore register in advance. The festival is a franchise of the LA WEB SERIES FESTIVAL.

Programme et InscriptionsConférence ‘Le concept et la narration transmédia’


DIY Days (free ;-) organised by the WORK BOOK PROJECT crafting a transmedia experience with Lance Weiler : Robot <3 Stories and more surprises!

  • Oct. 31 Nov.2nd //  SAN FRANCISCO

StoryWorld Conf. and Expo

First edition : ‘StoryWorld’s speaker roster is filled with luminaries of the film, publishing, and game development industries who have shepherded successful projects across multiple platforms. They’ll join us to share their expertise and give you the tools to create profitable cross-platform collaborations of your own’. @StoryWorldConf #SWC11

Proudly announcing a workshop with Siobhan O’Flynn using the idea generator #7TF: Siobhan O’Flynn & Karine Halpern walk you through essential transmedia storytelling and creative design principles in a media shifting world. Working with The 7 Transmedia Families Card Deck as an idea generation tool, O’Flynn & Halpern model and explore different strategies and processes for building a community across platforms, finding a business model, and extending your story in an immersive and buzz generating way. They want to empower the creators of of transmedia projects with creative design thinking! Their aim is to share with you this exploration in a transmedia design process in order to help you move your production forward.

The 7 Transmedia Families is an evolving tool // #7TF // Creative & Thinking Design

www.transmediaready.com is a temporary web page for redirections. I have posted Documents in the FACEBOOK group ‘Transmedia Ready 02 and the 7 families‘ (look at the right + clic)

You can find basic guidelines in an online temporary PRESS-KIT. Guidelines are re-invented each time when we meet in real life…). You may answer a QUESTIONNAIRE and write your contact there too. Soon you will be able to PRE-BUY your own deck of cards, MAKE your personal card, READ more about transmedia and so on. We are now working on the next iteration of the card game as this first one is the prototype. CROWDFUNDING will be launched before the end of the year. You can all participate and help improve the game and get it online as well.

+ Visit Transmedia Kids crafted by artist and partner Cynthia Jabar

About me : I have been traveling the worlds of the creative industries since the late 80’s working both independently and with a wide array of filmmakers, producers, distributors, festivals and policy makers in Europe and abroad. I turned to transmedia advocacy in reaction to the predominance of technology and marketing. I am looking for new business models. I am working as an independent experimental lab where I can put to use my years of investigation and networking. One of my multimedia log lines was made for the creation of a non-profit for developing multimedia projects, it says: ‘When an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a world of imagination, disseminating ideas…’ You can find it here: www.ziasme.com

Post Scriptum: Just learned I will also attend the Cross Media Net Lab at Dok. Leipzig in Germany ;-) Merci @IngavonStaden www.projectscope.de

Oh, and of course, I will be at POWER TO THE PIXEL, in London next month. Surprise for one transmedia project and experience I am supporting (and in French!).

Special Gratitude // Great Attitude //  www.mattrothenberg.com - @HoppingFun – @poburke


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