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We enlarge your vision, your campaing, your pitch, your design and project.

Our goal is to help creatives, students and companies to become @TransmediaReady

Q: How do we become @TransmediaReady?

A: There are many paths on the rhizomic 21st century

Clue #1: Concept

Clue #2: Transient Groups

Clue #3: Maieutics

There was this discussion in the 90′s for digital formats in the industry, when high definition standards used for professional equipment soon spread to many devices. Brands came up with a label and its logo. Contrarily, with transmedia, there should be no need for a label as it should carry the values of the Open & Free Culture. If a transmedia experience carries values, it is more powerful.

We are Friendly Culture and Media #Hackers. We evolve in the forming #NetworksOfNetworks, building Transient Groups, #LearningFromEachOther, using Maieutics, and advocating for #NewBizModels and complex #Storyworlds. With our trans-disciplinary approach we coach, teach, advice, research, share, improving our concept for best practices.

We are generalists, synthesists, revelators, facilitators, and we add value, optimization, transparency and good practices in everything we touch or click. See our prototype of the 7 Transmedia Families design thinking tool on > Pinterest 

A Facebook Open Group is focusing on methodologies & practice (with case studies).

“… transmedia storytelling as storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a fan’s understanding of the story world”.
Henry Jenkins in ‘Convergence Culture’ 2006.

* Question us, request a workshop or coaching quotation, or just keep in touch > boosters AT transmediaready DOT com

Grand Father in Production of the transmedia Families

the 7 Transmedia Families



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