Webisode n°6: Social Media Storytelling A-cross Platforms

As SOCIAL STEVE puts it we went through the year of relationships with social media. It is about building audiences, experimenting new business models for creators of content, learning how to implement our new creative processes as well as learning how to “fidéliser” – in French – which translate into “securing the loyalty of our clients”, meaning followers, users, members, and why not our audiences. I’m using the web to learn. See. The behind the scene people are so amazing!

Because social media keeps you busy I didn’t have the time to comment on Steve’s last week post yet. Now I feel like continuing the conversation. You will understand why.

Because I learn from Steve, as well as from many other experts and practitioners online and IRL, it does enhance the concept of being transmedia ready. Did I say “enhance” instead of “becoming” transmedia ready? We learn from each other and that is the main aspect of the concept of being transmedia ready. From that, everything else can be derivated and be reinvented.

Cross media online discussions makes it even more powerful because it works as a proof of concept.

We learn from each other at any stage of our transmedia practise, not only with social media, and at any phase of our transmedia creation or production. I really like the question that Steve is improving for better thinking:

Do you start your social media strategy, plan, and execution building great content or building a wide following?

Is this a kind of transmedia storytelling or what?

How do we start a social media campaign?

What strikes me in Steve’s article is the term “product manager”. Hey, for a storyteller that may sound like a bad term. Not at all. The word product refers to content for the arts and the cultural industries. I have been struggling for making that statement in the film business. I got tired. Now is the time to strike back. If the arts and the cultural industries take this seriously we can merge the expertise of the artistic creators and the branding makers. I try to take out the word “market” for a while, the marketplace is not yet quite ready yet, but it is improving. If we take the term “production manager”, it refers to the film production and you can imagine the production manager going all over the place to make the film shoot possible! Now merge the two: “Product Manager” from the marketing sector and “Production Manager” from the film business. See?

Another example from Steve : “Methodical process to delivering quality releases of product”.

That is exactly what I think about when I mention of the “return of #quality”. Because we are immersed in so much content, quality is going to make the difference.

So if we use a good brand making campaign with a content of great quality, we can succeed with transmedia production and distribution. But of course that’s not it! There are so many other parameters in order to make a transmedia production and distribution possible. We will get back to that of course.

mise en scène byKH

Steve writes about: “The magic of social media”.

Yes, that is the reason why I use a magic stick during the brainstorms, camps, events and workshops. We are in the sphere of magical power where all the entries are open for a huge learning process in the media universe. Lol! As a transmedia story can be never ending, the social media becomes the tool for the transmedia storyteller (the magic stick?). Without magic it will not be possible. The magic can be any kind of intentions, inputs, insights and visions you can put into your transmedia creation and production, and even your distribution methods because that is where you will be creating your own ad-hoc business model as well.

In order to make #quality content, you need to listen, have conversation and sustainable relationships.

This is what Steve calls the LCR Mentality: Listen, Conversation, Relationships. It makes me think of the gamification aspects of transmedia creation. I’m no gamer but it does make sense to study the gameplay aspects of transmedia. For me it looks like the LCR concept is not only an added value for transmedia storytelling but also an added value for transmedia gameplay.

Finally I want to thank Steve for reminding us about the “Shared media” and the “Earned media”. We see a lot going on about “Engagement”, the engagement of the audience. Isn’t it about the fandom as well, where Listening, Conversation and Relationships matter the most?

Good quality entertainment provides fandom and without the LCR concept the story does not spread (i.e. “coming soon?”)

Nota Bene :

Steve Golder’s blog aka @SocialSteve

Transmedia resources: www.transmediaresources.com

Next big deal in transmedia events: www.storyworldconference.com

DIY Days in Los Angeles October 28th 2011

And you can happily learn from @LanceWeiler @HenryJenkins and @ChristyDena

Post-Scriptum :

I will probably remain French for the rest of my transmedia life, taking the risk of posting in English without the help of a copywriter (#fear). I started to post “some” ;-) of my transmedia diaries in my personal blog in French.

Transmedia Ready is getting ready as we have launched an experience online and IRL with the “7 transmedia families” which is a prototype of a card game meant to help people to apprehend the concepts of transmedia. You can find us there : www.transmediaready.com and on Facebook as well, and if you want to register for our future new version of the card game you can fill up the Questionnaire and follow us on Twitter @TransmediaReady.



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