What is transmedia?

The world has embarked on a new form of storytelling. It is called transmedia.
In essence, transmedia is about evolving the way we tell stories to more accurately reflect the consumption habits of our audiences, by delivering independent yet connected stories across multiple media platforms. In doing so, transmedia unlocks fresh creative possibilities, enables access to new revenue streams and promotes deeper levels of audience engagement and brand loyalty.
Transmedia encompasses both fictional and fact-based story forms that can be experienced in traditional settings like in cinemas and on television as well as on the internet via mobile devices, social media, as well as at live events and through ‘real world’ game play.
The distinguishing feature of transmedia is that all plot lines and media presentations are designed to flow within a single, integrated storyworld, often with an emphasis on audience participation. Each strand of the story may be enjoyed individually or in combination, resulting in a more immersive experience.
In this way, transmedia acts both as a creative technique for story extension and as a marketing tool to reach a broader, more diversified, audience.

From www.transmedianext.com


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