Karine Halpern

Founder of Transmedia ready, her mission is to advocate for a better practices in communication, as well as progress in transmedia design and studies. She induces creativity at all stages of development and dissemination with a trans-disciplinary approach. She is both a catalyst and synthesist, an hyperlinks storyteller, and a match-maker for talent. She has conducted her own independent research before to get into an more academic research still in process (Ph.D in media studies). She coaches creative projects and acts backstage. In public, she teaches, conducts masterclasses and workshops, facilitates and strategize. Karine is certified as a “Cultural Mediator” and holds a Master’s degreee in Public and Political Communication. She previously worked in the Film and TV industries and International Cooperation for more than 20 years.

Personal tweets en français & English @KHenthusiasm

I’m a Progress Maker, pouring my creativity into your projects & teams.

Karine Halpern
Karine’s grand mother portrait exhibited in Brussels in the 30’s

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