KARINE HALPERN is the founder of TransmediaReady. Her mission is to advocate for a best practices and progress in transmedia design and collective work in communication. She induces creativity at all stages of product development and dissemination with a trans-disciplinary approach. She is both a catalyst and synthesist, an hyperlinks storyteller, a match maker for talent. She has conducted her own independent research and leads a real life serious game for creative learning process in the field of culture, the arts and techno-design.

She coaches creative projects and acts backstage. In public, she conducts masterclasses and workshops, facilitates and strategize. Karine is certified as a “Cultural Mediator” and holds a master in Public and Political Communication. She previously worked in the Film and TV industries and International Cooperation for more than 20 years.

Personal tweets en français & English @KHenthusiasm

I’m a Progress Maker, pouring my creativity into your projects & teams.

Karine Halpern
Karine’s grand mother portrait exhibited in Brussels in the 30’s


English: Interview, SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL, 2011

English: Interview, London TRANSMEDIA NEXT ALUMNI, 2010

Français : conférence CULTURES NUMERIQUES et MUSEES, 2011

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