About Transmedia Ready

A Think & Do Tank for creative projects, communication and marketing campaigns with a transmedia strategy. We advocate for  the concept of transmedia since 2010, building bridges between professional practice, change-making,  stories, and talent. You can become transmedia ready to co-design your creative work, innovative products, and communication campaigns.

Our Directory gathers talent and experts from around the world. Offering our uniqueness to your uniqueness, where sense-making and storytelling merge. We offer our own methodology and design thinking tool and approach to transmedia design in a collaborative effort. We foster integrated 360° transmedia marcom and cooperative challenges, conduct and facilitate preparation, help with operation and implementation for sustainable objectives.

Become transmedia ready playing with the 7 Transmedia Families, a cards deck and a real life game for transmedia design
7 Transmedia Families by Isabel Chiara
7 Transmedia Families by Isabel Chiara
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