Transmedia Ready is a creative agency, a THINK & DO TANK since 2010, building bridges between professional practices, change-makers and stories.

Coaching & Facilitating Creative Projects.
Boosting Communication Campaigns.

Karine Halpern’s METHODOLOGY and INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY of talent and experts bring effective transmedia design and communication strategies and implementation, enabling emergence of quality and value, facilitating co-creation, educating for empowerment.

We foster and sustain your next communication campaign, your R&D and cooperative challenges. We conduct and facilitate workshops to design stories across “MEDIAFORMS”.

Gathering creativity boosters offering our uniqueness to your UNIQUENESS, to benefit from a transmedia design and strategy where SENSE-MAKING, cooperation, sustainability and DIGITAL STORYTELLING take place. Problem Solving. Open Innovation. Collective Intelligence and Design Thinking.

Storytelling for Sense-Makers. 

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