Isabel Chiara

Artist ISABEL CHIARA went through various creative phases such as drawing, painting, sculpture and animation until she finally got to collage as a key mode of artistic expression. She joined Transmedia Ready to design new products for the transmedia community. She has been exhibiting in various countries, galleries and festivals (here under).

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Group Exhibitions
  • 2015 – Sublima Eros. Galería Espacio Sublima. Sevilla, España. 2015 – Día del Trabajo. Sala Polivalente CCOO. Sevilla, España. 2015 – Principia Discordia. Lollipop Gallery. London, UK.
  • 2014 – GIF is for Geeks, Fantoche Film Festival. Suiza.
  • 2015 – As if I only had today. Illustrations for As If Magazine. New York. EEUU
  • 2014 – AT THE GRAVE OF THE INVISIBLE MAN. Illustrated book of island poet Sjón. Bookslut. EEUU 2014 – SHARE, Collection of artwork and photographs. News Heroes and Pioneers, Sweden.
  • 2011 – Corporate Identity Manual RENPA (Red de Espacios Naturales Andalucía) . Junta de Andalucía. Spain.
  • 2010 – Manual Associations IAM (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer). Junta de Andalucía. Spain. And Illustrated book “Plim or secret of the life”. Fundación Progreso y Salud. Junta de Andalucía. Spain
Animation Short Film and GiF
  • 2015 and 2014: Cambio de luces GIF Selected for “Gif is for Geeks” in Fantoche Film Festival. Suiza.
  • 2014: George Clooney is inside GIF First prize for collage Category in Giphoscope Awards. Italia
  • 2010: Shot: – The film was then selected for Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland. – First prize RTVA in Animation Festival ANIMACOR. Spain
  • 2009: Don’t wait for me. First prize in International Animation Festival Animatu. Portugal.
  • 2009: El jardín de las delicias, selected for MACC (Mercado Atlántico de Creación Contemporánea), Spain; International Animation Festival ANIMACOR, 2009, Spain; FICG 25 International Cinema Festival Guadalajara, México; Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland, Cervantes Institute,  Munich; Silver Bear Animation der Nationen Festival, Austria.

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