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Karine Halpern

Founder of Transmedia Ready, Karine is advocating for better practices in communication and innovation. She is an advocate of transmedia design and strategy since 2010 and works in the creative industries since 1990. She induces creativity at all stages of development and dissemination with a trans-disciplinary approach. She is both a catalyst and synthesist, an hyperlinks storyteller, writer, match-maker for talent, a facilitator for design thinking and content production and management. She has conducted her own independent research before to get into an academic research (Ph.D in process in the science of communication). She coaches creative projects and acts backstage. Teaching, mentoring, conducting workshops, giving masterclasses, certified as a « Cultural Mediator », she holds a Master’s degree in Public and Political Communication for France and Europe. She previously worked in the Film and TV industries as well as in the field of International Cooperation with public bodies. She is the creator of the « 7 Transmedia Families », a methodology, a design thinking and creative coaching tool.

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Progress Maker, pouring creativity into your projects & teams.
KH - Dessin de Samuel Pott
KH – Dessin de Samuel Pott

Emmanuel Bethoux

L’émergence d’oeuvres transmédia questionne la pratique professionnelle d’Emmanuel Bethoux en tant qu’enseignant dans le domaine des sciences et techniques de l’information et de la communication. C’est pourquoi il exerce une veille documentaire proactive dans ce domaine ainsi que sur les nouvelles formes d’apprentissages afin d’anticiper les changements dans le secteur de la formation. Sa réflexion actuelle s’appuie sur une curation régulière confortant son choix d’un nouveau cap professionnel comme formateur transmédia dans le cadre d’une formation au e-learning et la facilitation d’ateliers avec Transmedia Ready.

Professeur documentaliste certifié, il exerce son métier au sein de l’enseignement catholique depuis 1994. Il travaille  actuellement au lycée-collège européen du Saint Coeur à Beaune en Bourgogne. Diplômé du CUEJ (Centre Universitaire d’Enseignement du Journalisme) de Strasbourg, il est titulaire d’une Maîtrise des sciences et technologies – spécialité journalisme et techniques de l’information, option presse écrite. Il  alimente sa réflexion par la pratique, c’est pourquoi, en tant que consultant, expert, médiateur et curateur,il collabore depuis 2010 avec Transmedia Ready dans le développement et animation de projets collaboratifs, notamment de recherche appliquée indépendante sur le concept transmédia.

Il a participé à de nombreux événements et continue une coopération assidue aux travaux d’expérimentation : En décembre 2010, le Transmedia Live Storm à la Générale, Paris, associé à la préparation; et en mai 2011 au le TransmediaCamp, Marseille. Il a été associé en 2012 à à la traduction des textes en français de Robot Heart Stories, un jeu en réalité alternée pédagogique associant deux écoles de Montréal. Enfin, il a collaboré comme mentor et curateur en juin 2014 au “Transmedia Mix Education”, atelier avec l’IRI – Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation du Centre Pompidou, avec comme thème « Les acteurs du changements et l’Éducation”. Son premier ouvrage sur « “L’école transmédia” est en cours de préparation.

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Isabel Chiara

Artist ISABEL CHIARA went through various creative phases such as drawing, painting, sculpture and animation until she finally got to collage as a key mode of artistic expression. She joined Transmedia Ready to design new products for the transmedia community. She has been exhibiting in various countries, galleries and festivals (here under).

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Group Exhibitions
  • 2015 – Sublima Eros. Galería Espacio Sublima. Sevilla, España. 2015 – Día del Trabajo. Sala Polivalente CCOO. Sevilla, España. 2015 – Principia Discordia. Lollipop Gallery. London, UK.
  • 2014 – GIF is for Geeks, Fantoche Film Festival. Suiza.
  • 2015 – As if I only had today. Illustrations for As If Magazine. New York. EEUU
  • 2014 – AT THE GRAVE OF THE INVISIBLE MAN. Illustrated book of island poet Sjón. Bookslut. EEUU 2014 – SHARE, Collection of artwork and photographs. News Heroes and Pioneers, Sweden.
  • 2011 – Corporate Identity Manual RENPA (Red de Espacios Naturales Andalucía) . Junta de Andalucía. Spain.
  • 2010 – Manual Associations IAM (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer). Junta de Andalucía. Spain. And Illustrated book “Plim or secret of the life”. Fundación Progreso y Salud. Junta de Andalucía. Spain
Animation Short Film and GiF
  • 2015 and 2014: Cambio de luces GIF Selected for “Gif is for Geeks” in Fantoche Film Festival. Suiza.
  • 2014: George Clooney is inside GIF First prize for collage Category in Giphoscope Awards. Italia
  • 2010: Shot: – The film was then selected for Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland. – First prize RTVA in Animation Festival ANIMACOR. Spain
  • 2009: Don’t wait for me. First prize in International Animation Festival Animatu. Portugal.
  • 2009: El jardín de las delicias, selected for MACC (Mercado Atlántico de Creación Contemporánea), Spain; International Animation Festival ANIMACOR, 2009, Spain; FICG 25 International Cinema Festival Guadalajara, México; Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland, Cervantes Institute,  Munich; Silver Bear Animation der Nationen Festival, Austria.

2015, American Digital Lab // Connecting Cultures.

Our incubation in the 1st digital and creative lab of the French government in New York in 2015: American Digital Lab // Connecting Cultures.

Press Release

 Transmedia Ready was in NYC for the first session of the FRENCH AMERICAN DIGITAL LAB. The programme has many partners including Business France and the New Media Center in New York, and is conducted by the Cultural Services of the French embassy.

The theme is #Storytelling, meaning for us « immersive storytelling » to refer to the work developed these latest years by practitioners in the fiels of media, culture and the arts, with the digital tools of the 21st century.

What we are trying to do since 2010:

  • inspire creative ways of making sense
  • communicate with quality design and the arts 
  • foster the participatory and digital culture
  • work in a cross cultural ecosystem

This takes place in many ways (events, workshops, trainings, masterclasses, coaching and social media campaigns) but our core asset is the methodology we have developped over the years embodied in the artefact of the 7 Transmedia Families, a card deck and real life game, together with our directory of experts and talent around the world. This is a design thinking tool for innovation in communication and transmedia design. 

In the era of a never-ending internet expansion, there are almost no boundaries to access culture and the cultural heritage. Yet, museums are one of the very few places where the time often seems not to have accelerated. Websites, audioguide, visioguides, mobile games do already exist in an increasing number of organisations, but some of the most remarkable characteristics of the internet age rarely prevail, among which its worldwide real-time and social interconnectivity.

Based on a unique experience in the field of transmedia and serious gaming, Transmedia Ready proposes a revolutionary approach to cultural mediation through a worldwide scalable concept of transmedia strategies that links artworks, curators and visitors from different museums in a common modular gaming platform. This is possible by working with our Directory of talent and experts. Based on this holistic approach, we foster and facilitate a cultural bridges. Transmedia Ready has developped a workshop format to optimize the assets of a creative project, or a communication campaign, based on an innovative methodology. Storytelling is at the very heart of our concept and is one of the key element that enable to link the different versions of a transmedia  experience. But not only…