Webisode #2015. Back & Side Stories

Back and side stories.

For a new beginning this is also a new post for the blogs, as well as a new way to blog and keep the #transmedia #Fairies and #Alchimists aware of my back story. Let’s list some news in a #FastThinking way for the #SlowRev I care for since a decade. Today is the Harvest moon and a Supermoon with effects on « endings » and « beginnings » of our personal stories.

Some professionals from the web industry will tell you that you need to separate the topics, write short articles, use numbers and lists, a strong image, among other common advices that are supposed to influence SEO. I was myself advising to separate the « personal » (#perso) from the professional (#pro) on social networks and blogs. No. Change happens here too.

In my case I have been stuck in writing for sometimes (maybe 2 years) because I could not be sure of blogging publicly about my « transmedia diaries« , some personal side stories in the transmedia hoods, backstage stories of my R&D with #Transmedia Ready (a non profit, at this point, based in France, a Think & Do Tank since 2010). So called « experts » would say that the personal stories should be kept aside. That is very paradoxal with the blogging discipline of writing. Blogging is based of self expression. So let’s go back to the fundamentals and blog on personal stuff. And to be even more transmedia ready, trans-disciplinary, and disruptive, let’s mix the personal and the professional. That would be the right editorial line up for me and a way to explore its limits. Really, when I created the game of the « 7 Transmedia Families » (link), I was totally in that « mix ». Later, I created the « Transmedia Mix » (link), but that one is another side story…

I’m not a real geek. 

When my new web site was being built on the Go Daddy server it was handle by a French geek whom was supposed to be a WordPress expert. The idea was to use an open source tool and create a sustainable blogging parteform for Transmedia Ready, where we could use both French and English without switching the whole site from either one language. Hououou! Too complicated! Not in the rules of the geek man and not in the rules of the web agency either. After spending 800 Euros, I had to kick the man out of my storyworld because he was making things worse, without guilt. After that I had a series of commercial issues with Go Daddy, related to their marketing strategy that have direct bad effects. A mess, a nightmare, had closed by a « giving it all up » final option. Lately, in the location I was exploring for my new digital and real life, #SophiaAntipolis, in the South of France, I met the right #WordPress experts and slowly rebuild some confidence in the technology, the CMS, the servers, and the geeks.

It does influence our #Creativity to actually manage the #Digital parts. Now, about the words, the terms… How much freedom do we really have in the connected universe, the « WEB 5.0 »?

Around year 2007 I was told that I had too many values. What? How can someone have to many values? That is when I started to leave the political movement I was involved with, and join what I call the « friendly hacking » movement. I also gained in confidence as I found myself to be the oldest in every groups I was visiting or being part of. I had to take responsibility for my age, my « too many » values, my lack of knowledge in coding and my vision: my personal storyworld.

Now my tags are:

#FastThinking . My brain and I live together in good terms most of the time but in this relationship there is no place for many individuals, therefore I train myself to rethink, not-think, re-phrase, slow down, etc. Since one of the element I use in my methodology for coaching creative projects and people is #Maieutics, I apply it to my self too. If I am too fast in my thinking, I ask myself about the present moment and recall the reasons why I am here. I do not speak if I am surrounded with people whom do not know my storyworld, I prefer to shut up and progress in a subtil way. Fast thinkers come my way in synchronicity, in real life and on the social networks, we find each other, we merge, we converge, we co-create, that is what I had planned on Twitter with the hashtag #HumanConvergence (that was in 2011). That is part of the New Renaissance, a global movement that takes us to the present and the future in a Slow Revolution that is not only necessary but that makes it possible to actually rebuild the societies. Part of this movement is the new alternative social and political mouvements and organisations. This creates what I called « Transient groups ». 

We already know that #art if the core expression of #politics. 

– « But you cannot use the term transient, it does not exist!« .

Smile. Everything I cannot do because it is not part of the common vocabulary, common online behaviour, common work habits, common relationships maintenance, I decided I will do it even more.

#SlowRev is about the slow revolution related to the « New Renaissance » mouvement that is happening in the world since 2007, maybe from before. I take 2007 for the side story when President Sarkozy asked Nobel Price in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, to spread is work and ideas on a new way to measure the progress of the societies. I worked on a digital programme just about that topic and that transformed my life, both « perso and pro » life. The New Renaissance mouvement is fundamentally socio-cultural, it incarnates with the digital art, but more interestingly with the « Participatory Culture », which may be the same thing then what is called « Open Culture »? I believe that the new form of art now is the « Participatory Art ». That is why I want to create in the #Web5.0 and manage my own #Glossary.

The « Present Shock » reality is here. I refer to the book by Douglas Rushkoff, whom handed his book to me in the bloggers’ room in Austin, Texas, when I was attended the South by South West Festival in 2013. We met in synchronicity and I only thank him now, because, time does not count in the New Renaissance, only counts sustainability and progress.

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